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About Us

Welcome to our group, essentially we're a bunch of friends who share a passion for software development and engineering. We have mastered the art of web scraping, enabling us to gather and analyse data efficiently for various projects and purposes.

We have developed monitors for 'sneaker cook groups' as well as other reselling groups and communities. These specialised communities focus on the fast-paced world of reselling, where we use our technical expertise to gain a competitive advantage. We enjoy working in a dynamic environment and are passionate about the development aspect that allows us to create advanced tools and strategies for our clients success.

At heart, we are problem solvers and love challenges. Whether it's building intricate applications or devising innovative solutions, we eagerly embrace every opportunity to challenge ourselves and grow. Join us on our exciting journey as we pursue our passion for technology, turning ideas into reality, and making a positive impact in the world of software development and engineering.

Let's face challenges together and celebrate the joy of creating something extraordinary.

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We pride ourselves on being highly responsive and reliable, ensuring that we swiftly address customer queries and provide top-notch support. Whether it's an idea that has already been demonstrated within our server or a brand new concept, we're up for the task. So, if you have a unique idea in mind, don't hesitate to share it with us; we are committed to bringing your vision to life and exceeding your expectations.

We take immense pride in our comprehensive set of reliable and quick monitors. These powerful tools give us a competitive edge, and we confidently claim that they rival any other group's offerings in the market. What's even more impressive is that we offer our monitoring services at a significantly more affordable price. Our commitment to accessibility and affordability is unwavering, and we firmly believe that cutting costs should never result in compromise on quality.

We prioritize reliability, flexibility, and a client-centric approach in everything we do. Your success is our success, and we are dedicated to building strong, long-lasting relationships with each of our valued clients.


Key Features

Fast Monitoring
Stock Information*
New Releases
Highlighting Product Changes
High-Performance Database

Our monitors provide real-time data tracking and proactive alerts, empowering businesses with accurate and up-to-date information for data-driven decision-making.


Key Features

Responsive Interactions
Goat Price Checker
StockX Price Checker
Nike Instore Information

Empower your Discord community with powerful and versatile tools, keeping everyone informed and engaged in real-time.


Key Features

Customised To Your Needs
24/7 Support

Unlock the full potential of your projects with customized coding solutions tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

What Our Customers Say

An excellent well run group, very kind and nice people with great service, the monitors go off all day long and if some aren't working it gets fixed in seconds. I can't recommend this server enough!


10/10 service, fast and reliable. Monitors on point and always working.
Would recommend!


Amazing Service! Fantastic tools, highly recommended


10/10 service, great tools and monitors. Tools upkeep is great, issues get sorted within hours. Would recommend


Excellent service, very helpful staff and always trying their best to help us when we come up with new suggestions


Helpful and nice service! Changes and new projects are completed in no time and there service is really fast. These guys do a great Job!


Frequently Asked Questions

Worldwide Coverage. We can create and adjust monitors for any region to meet your needs.

Custom Monitors Made Easy. If you need a monitor that isn't currently available, no worries! Our expert team can create them for you in just a few days. Reach out to us via a discord support ticket, email or our socials.

Pricing varies depending on the type and amount of monitors you need. Join our discord for more detailed pricing options.

Through daily meticulous checks and ongoing optimizations, we strive to make our monitors the most reliable and dependable on the market.

We operate every day of the week during regular working hours. If we're unable to provide an immediate resolution, you can still expect a prompt response. Most of the time, you'll receive a reply within just thirty minutes.

To cancel your products, just open a discord ticket or send us an email. Be assured that you'll retain access until the end of your current monthly cycle.

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